POP & Painting

We are doing painting and POP services for residential as well as commercial premise. We cover interior and exterior. Our professional painters keep in mind the aesthetic preferences of the clients while undertaking these painting jobs. We have done number of jobs for flats, bungalows & societies.

There are different quality paints available in the market as per the need and budget. We understand the needs of our client & suggest the best possible option that suits his taste.

Many times it has been observed that the surface of the wall or ceiling is not in level even if you apply Quality paint you won’t get the good finish in that case especially in residence - living room, dinning area which are easily visible to guest or outsider, we recommend to apply POP or fall ceiling as per the need and liking. It gives good finish and elegant look to your premises.

We suggest different quality paints and color combinations which suits to the premises considering available natural light and the furniture color combination.